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The voyage of an emigrant and the accidents and difficulties he encounters on his way to the new land, just to learn that every place is the same every place is a non-place

From the car to the train, the train to the plane, the plane to the sea, the sea to the boat, the boat to the coast, the coast to the empty city. Movement, speed, height, depth, scenes, melodies, images, sensations, textures, just to respond

¿who are we when we travel?

A modular audiovisual experience, Toflang´s new album explores issues like loneliness, fear and estrangement, during a flight across two continents.

A conceptual album set to take the listener through a contextual experience a “Soundtrack” album.

The story is divided into 4 acts, and can be told in 24 different ways, making the experience interactive by giving the listener control of how the story line is told.

This modular journey can result in multiple versions and points of view, may it be illustration, lyrics, comics, short stories, videos or graphic design.

Project that begins in 2010 as a solo proposal from Rafael Giner, Venezuelan musician and producer that, after releasing one EP with Tulio Chuecos in Venezuela on 2009, decides to move and live in Barcelona. In 2011 he puts together a trio with one drummer and one visual artist (Tomás Mena from Joystick and Julio Urbina from RGB Corp). The trio releases two Ep´s, Live Session (2011) and Transfer (2013). One year later, in 2014, the production of a new album starts, which after 2 years of development ends up with the formation of a new band, a quintet, where several musicians from different projects come together, Leo Aldrey from NOKO WOI (Bcn), Juan Berbín from SEWARD (Bcn), Bernardo Rísquez and Michael Landeger from DIFFERENT FOUNTAINS (Brussels) and Ezequiel Serrano from CABEZON KEY (Vzla).